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Being injured is an unpleasant experience. To heal rapidly, you need an effective treatment plan that is designed for your personal needs. It should address your physical needs, the cause of your injury as well as any symptoms or conditions that have resulted from it.

You want prompt relief of your pain and discomfort along with the tools you need to make a full recovery. No matter how you received your personal injury, you want a qualified physician and medical staff on your side during the healing process.

Car Accident Treatment

Car accidents can involve any number of injuries, including:

  • Soft tissue
  • Whiplash
  • Neck strain
  • Concussion
  • Broken bones

There are many ways of treating injuries related to car and other types of vehicular accidents. Physical therapy, deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjustments can help reduce inflammation and bring the body back into balance after a traumatic injury.

Injuries received in a car accident may be extensive. Some may not present themselves immediately after the accident. It is important to be seen immediately after the accident and then follow up a few days later to ensure your physician knows the full extent of your injuries and discomfort.

Public Liability

Injuries received due to the negligence of another can happen without warning. Whether you are injured on the property of a business or at someone’s home, you want to feel better as soon as possible. Head injuries, being hit with a blunt object or any other type of soft tissue injury can keep you from working and enjoying family activities.

Injections, nerve blocks and radiofrequency procedures are all effective forms of treatment for a variety of injuries. It is important to treat every aspect of your injury to make sure you will have no long-lasting or recurrent problems.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can lead to a variety of issues, including contusions, broken bones, concussions, soft tissue injuries as well as knee and hip injuries. With the use of anti-inflammatory medications, deep tissue massage, injections within the affected joint and chiropractic adjustments, the Multi-Care Medical staff can help to alleviate your discomfort and reduce the inflammation that may be preventing you from healing properly.

Our staff understands that falling can lead to many injuries. With our thorough evaluation protocols, it is our goal to make sure you get the best treatment possible. That includes making sure we address every issue associated with your accident.

Work-related Accidents

Accidents in the workplace can lead to extended time away from work, lost wages, reduced quality of life and limited activity with family and friends. Injuries that occur within the workplace must be treated promptly and every detail must be thoroughly documented. Head injuries, concussions, dislocations and soft tissue injuries can be effectively treated with many of our proven techniques. Joint injections, nerve blocks, physical therapy and a well-rounded chiropractic treatment plan will get you back to work in as short amount of time as possible.

Multi-Care Medical

If you have been injured in an accident and are looking for help, please visit the nearest Multi-Care office in South Florida near you. We have Orthopedics and Spinal Rehabilitation clinics in Cape Coral and Fort Myers and a Multi-Care Medical office in Pembroke Pines. We have fully staffed offices with trained professionals including orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. We also help patients with interventional pain management.

Don’t wait to be treated. Waiting can lead to longer healing times and extended periods of discomfort. Visit one of our offices today so we can help you get on the road to recovery right away.

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