Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

1:51 pm

What is causing your lower back pain? At Multi-Care Medical we strive to help all our patients feel their very best. Back pain is a symptom that can have a severe impact on a person’s daily life. Back pain limits mobility, reduces a person’s ability to enjoy their favorite activities, and reduces quality of life […]

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How to Treat Pulled Muscles

1:47 pm

  How do you treat pulled muscles? Your muscles do more than make you look good at the beach. In fact, they’re responsible for everything from walking down the street to your workout routine. Sometimes, though, putting a little too much strain on them can take its toll. While a pulled muscle isn’t the worst […]

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What Does a Torn Ligament Feel Like?

7:30 pm

How to identify a torn ligament   Torn ligaments and tendons are commonly the result of slip and fall accidents, many of which occur around the home, in a store, or even a restaurant. Knees, ankles, wrists and elbows are some of the most commonly injured joints with ailments that include sprains and strains. Signs […]

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What Causes Rotator Cuff Pain?

7:07 pm

What causes this common injury?   A rotator cuff injury can have a direct impact on your quality of life, especially if you rely on your arms to perform routine duties at work or in your home. To expedite the recovery process, it is crucial to have the severity of your injury assessed and to […]

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The Benefits of Orthopedic Massage

12:00 pm

What is orthopedic massage? For centuries, massage has been used to help injuries heal faster and to relieve pain, yet so many people don’t consider it when they’re dealing with these issues. Thankfully, things are changing and there has been more dialogue about alternative treatment options. At Multi-Care Medical we’re certainly glad to see more […]

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Avoiding Sports Related Injuries

10:00 am

Avoid injury and stay fit with our tips. Whether a professional athlete or someone who simply enjoys playing sports for fun, it’s important to remember that injuries are not inevitable. In fact, at Multi-Care Medical, we have some great tips to help you stay safe while taking part in your favorite sports. Work with a […]

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What Is an Orthopedic Specialist and How Can They Help You?

10:00 am

What is the role of the orthopedic specialist in therapy and recovery? Aches and pains don’t have to derail a patient’s day and significantly impact their ability to work or participate in the activities they enjoy. For most people orthopedic damage develops over time. An orthopedic specialist can help undo this damage using treatments that […]

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Have You Suffered a Workplace Injury? Here’s What to Do Next.

4:00 pm

Act fast in the case of a workplace injury! Getting injured on the job isn’t something anybody wants. However, if you’ve had an injury through an accident at work, you must be smart about how you deal with a workplace injury and seek compensation. In the state of Florida, it’s even more important that you […]

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What Can Pain Management Do For Me?

7:32 pm

You don’t have to live with chronic pain. Everyone experiences pain. Physical pain can be acute or chronic, dull or stabbing. Each person will describe it differently depending on their perception of what the pain feels like to them. Pain management programs are designed to help each person handle their particular level of pain and […]

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Five Signs That Your Injury May Be Serious

4:27 pm

Is Your Injury Serious? A weekend athlete, ambitious gardener or eager Pilates participant can each suffer a debilitating injury and not realize it. Anyone engaging in physical activity needs to develop a body awareness to interpret the signals muscles and nerves send, to separate the everyday pain of exertion from the acute pain that could […]

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The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Injury Recovery

4:25 pm

Massage therapy benefits athletes and non-athletes alike   Massage therapy can be hugely beneficial to virtually anyone who takes part in it especially when it comes to injury rehabilitation. It can help to speed up healing and can actually help prevent re-injury in a variety of ways. In short, it aids athletes in healing completely. […]

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The Five Most Amazing Injury Recoveries in Sports

12:30 pm

Amazing sports injury recovery stories of professional athletes For any athlete, their body is their ultimate asset. Whether they’re a professional hockey player or a world class gymnast, their career hinges on having a healthy body. Athletes spend hours refining their physical bodies in the weight room and building their endurance to become not only […]

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Reducing Neck and Back Pain at Work

1:00 pm

Even simple changes can reduce neck and back pain while sitting at a desk. Neck and back pain is a major problem for many adults today, especially those who work in sedentary office jobs. In fact, office workers are more likely to suffer back pain than those who work much more physically demanding jobs. The […]

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Maintaining Physical Fitness during Post-Surgery Recovery

11:00 am

Don’t let surgery keep you from remaining physically fit! When a patient has surgery, the recovery period can last several weeks if not longer, depending on the procedure performed. During surgery recovery, many people are concerned with staying in shape as they may be unable to perform their normal workouts while recuperating. Surgery recovery presents […]

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Why is Pain Management So Important?

12:07 pm

The right pain management plan can make all the difference.   Depending on MRI results and the general health of the patient, pain management programs can be an effective treatment. At Multi-Care Medical, we practice interventional pain management, including facet injections, epidural injections and more. Should patients still not respond to these treatments, surgery may […]

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Does Chronic Pain Affect Your Personality?

2:00 am

The Effects of Chronic Pain When a patient is suffering from long-term chronic pain, their personality may drastically change as a result. Many patients blame themselves for a decrease in motivation and an increase in anxiety. Recent scientific studies show that the patient is not at fault and these personality changes have an underlying psychological […]

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How to Approach Physical Therapy for Common Senior Injuries

2:39 pm

Physical therapy on an aging body can be a complicated subject. As a person ages, their body begins to change. Senior injuries can take much longer to heal, even if the injury is a minor one. Falls and car accidents are two of the most common causes of injuries in seniors. When physical therapy is […]

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The Most Common Types of Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

2:31 pm

The most common sports injuries are also easily preventable. Whether it’s an individual sport or a team one, athletic pursuits are a daily part of many people’s lives. While the benefits of physical activity cannot be overstated, injuries are one aspect of sports that everyone needs to look out for. Many sports injuries are quite common […]

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