Car Accident Injury Treatment in Cape Coral

Every year, millions of people suffer car accident injuries. Even “minor” accidents can cause painful, long-lasting conditions. In the wake of an accident, appropriate care is essential. By consulting medical professionals, you not only look after your well-being – you strengthen your claim and make it easier to establish the costs of the accident. Ultimately, this can help in court.

At Multi-Care Medical in Cape Coral, we offer a complete suite of physical therapy services to help you recover from your car accident and get you back to feeling great again.

Pain Management

Many people have back, neck, and shoulder pain after a car accident. Our pain management treatments focus on reducing pain naturally through integrative therapy. Strong medications are not always necessary. Instead, a customized plan of manual therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care is used. This helps restore muscle tone, strength, and firmness, improving day-to-day function.


Orthopedics is the care of the musculature and skeletal system. Although “ortho” is used for many conditions involving the neck, it can also help the entire body. The core of orthopedic therapy is manual, hands-on manipulation that increases mobility in muscles and joints. High-frequency sound waves can be used to enhance blood flow as well. Gentle stretching, along with heat and ice therapy, can often be continued at home.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on restoring the mobility and functionality around the site of an injury. It is crucial for people suffering from the effects of auto accidents, surgery, athletic injuries, and more. The goal of this therapy is to reduce pain as much as possible and to restore the patient’s ability to engage fully in day-to-day life. Many methods are used, including range-of-motion and strength exercises to improve blood flow and flexibility of affected muscles.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the gentlest, restorative, and powerful healing modalities in any post-accident therapy plan. During massage, a trained expert carefully manipulates the soft tissue of the body. Therapists may use their hands, arms, feet, and various tools. Massage accelerates the healing process, improves flexibility, and can lead to deep relaxation.


Chiropractic care involves manipulation of a patient’s bone structure using the hands, special postures, and tools. A chiropractic session can be brief – as quick as five minutes – but it has a long-lasting effect on the healthful alignment of the musculoskeletal structure. Over time, chiropractic care can be used to restore patients to a full, easy, and natural range of motion.

Multi-Care Medical

If you are a Cape Coral resident suffering after an accident, reach out to the friendly professionals at Multi-Care Medical for lasting pain relief. Our specialists are ready to serve you and your family.