Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches

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Stress and other factors affecting the brain can result in headaches of various intensities. The specific locations can also vary from isolated parts of the head, the upper back, and neck, or the entire head. The pain may last for a few minutes or days, in rare chronic cases. Regardless of how this pain develops, Chiropractic adjustments or Spinal manipulation can effectively treat this unpleasant condition


4 types of headaches

Types of Headaches Explained

A primary headache arises typically from a headache itself; not because of external conditions.

(a) Migraines: A migraine is notorious for being one of the leading causes of primary headaches. Migraines can be quite disabling, often lasting between a couple of hours and a couple of days. Migraines that frequent women are common during the premenstrual period because of hormone estrogen levels fluctuating in the menstrual cycle. When estrogen and progesterone levels hit their low, premenstrual migraines take over. Migraine symptoms often include vomiting or nausea, highly throbbing or pulsating pain, increased sensitivity to stimuli (sounds and lights), and unilateral pain that begins and often remains on either side of the patient’s head.

(b) Tension headaches: A commonly occurring primary headache among adults. About 9 in 10 adults have experienced this in their lifetime. While the exact cause remains unknown, the contraction of muscles over the skull due to physical and/ or emotional stress causes pain. Women with high-stress levels are the primary patients. Symptoms include mild pain on both sides of the patient’s head and pain that leaves you feeling like you have a tight band around your head.

(c) Cluster: While this can attack women and children as well, men in their late 20s tend to be the most affected. However, this is rare and affects only about 1 in every 1, 000 adults. Patients may have their night sleep interrupted by pains in their head. Another symptom is pain often occurring on one side, especially over the eye, resulting in eye redness.



In contrast, a secondary headache is a result of another condition; not the headache itself.

(a) Sinus headache: Often resolved following the completion of antibiotics.

(b) Illness-caused headaches: Meningitis and other illnesses can be another source.

(c) Medication overuse: Using a particular medication so much can cause an issue. However, this should go away once the medication responsible for the pain is immediately discontinued. Various studies have revealed that chiropractic adjustments effectively treat headaches, especially those that originate in the neck.

Research conducted at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center in Durham, NC, demonstrated that patients with headaches originating from the neck see immediate improvement after undergoing chiropractic spinal manipulation. They also noted fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief, compared to patients taking commonly prescribed medications. The Duke findings corroborate another study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics that reveals spinal manipulative therapy to be an effective treatment for tension related head pain.

This same study also said that those who stopped chiropractic treatment after four weeks continued to experience its benefits, as opposed to patients who treated headaches with only pain medication. These professional studies indicate the effectiveness of spinal manipulation is not only good for lower back pain, but it’s also good as a cure for other issues.

The effect of spinal manipulation increases with the skill of the chiropractors administering the treatment. Here at Multi-Care Medical in Pembroke Pines, our skilled chiropractors are capable in the field of treatments. Their great diagnostic skills will also ensure that proper attention will be given to your pain relief needs.

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