Knee Pain Treatment in Pembroke Pines

The knee is a major weight-bearing joint that derives its stability from a system of ligaments and muscles. It is composed of the patellofemoral joint (located between the knee cap and the thigh), the tibiofemoral joint (between the thigh and lower leg), the menisci (singular: meniscus) or the two ring-shaped cartilage discs in the knee, and other muscles and ligaments. These components all provide important passive and active stabilization for the knee.


When a person experiences knee pain, it immediately affects daily routines. Knee pain is especially intrusive in active behavior such as walking and running. A chiropractic¬†examination from Multi-Care Medical’s Pembroke Pines doctors can determine the real cause of the pain and the treatment needed to cure it. A full examination by a chiropractor is important since knee pain can be directly linked to problems in the pelvis, hip, lower back, ankles and feet.

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