Metatarsalgia Treatment in Fort Myers

In Fort Myers, Florida, Multi-Care Orthopedics & Rehab provides unparalleled expertise in the treatment of metatarsalgia – pain in the ball of the foot.

The pain is caused by inflammation that can make it difficult to stand or walk. Some people are prone to chronic metatarsalgia due to various health and lifestyle factors. Specialized treatment is essential for achieving long-term relief.

Causes and Symptoms

“Ball of foot pain” is a common complaint among track athletes and others who participate in a lot of running or jumping. Pain in the ball of the foot can be temporary, caused by minor bruising and other superficial issues, or it might be true metatarsalgia, caused by problems with inflammation.

Like many other places in your body, your feet include sensitive joints. These joints rely on the interplay between bones and soft tissue to function correctly. Soft tissue can become inflamed if it is agitated for any reason, such as by injury or repetitive stress.


Some people are more prone to metatarsalgia than others. For example, those who have arthritis or certain immune disorders affecting joint health may experience this pain more frequently than others. Some vitamin deficiencies and even posture issues can also contribute to it.

Multi-Care Orthopedics & Rehab

At Multi-Care Orthopedics & Rehab in Fort Myers, our team consists of true leaders in treating metatarsalgia. We make it easier for you to manage this condition, providing you with pain relief so you can be back on your feet faster. Contact us today.


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