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Orthopedic Bonita Springs

A medical specialty known as orthopedics handles injuries to the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is comprised of bones and joints that provide support, muscles, and nerves which are responsible for movement and electrical signals, ligaments, and tendons.

This specialized study began as a way to treat children with physical and developmental deformities. It has since evolved to include patients of all ages and is commonly used to treat patients with limb deformities and spinal issues.

Medical practitioners who specialize in this area are generally concerned with the manipulation of the patient’s musculoskeletal system. They work closely with a branch of medicine known as neurology. Approaches in treatment may include both operative and non-operative procedures, which may or may not include medications.

Alternative treatment may include exercise and physical therapy, which are minimally invasive treatment options and are generally preferred than traditional surgery, as the latter can be traumatic to the patient’s body.


What is orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery that refers to surgical procedures involving bones, soft tissues, muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.

The primary goal of this surgery is to ensure the preservation and restoration of the musculoskeletal system. While these highly skilled surgeons may not always resort to surgical procedures, all orthopedic surgeons are trained in the general diagnosis, treatment, and management of the musculoskeletal system.

How can an orthopedist help?

Orthopedists help those with functional musculoskeletal disorders by using orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, medication, or a combination of these methods.

If you are experiencing functional musculoskeletal problems due to a sports injury, joint problems, a fracture, osteoporosis, or an infection, it is advisable to see a specialist.

To help determine what might be ailing you, it is highly recommended to book an appointment as soon as possible. A consultation with your doctot will help relieve you of your musculoskeletal condition by providing you with an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan.

At the doctor’s office, the specialist will diagnose you to determine the problems that your body may be experiencing. He or she will first use non-invasive approaches to try and rid you of your pain and treat your condition. Such methods may include prescription drugs, physiotherapy or

orthopedist-inst-imgSurgery is usually the last option when the doctor has exhausted non-invasive options and determined that they are no longer viable as far as controlling the symptoms or treating the disease is concerned.

Common Reasons to See an Orthopedist

Orthopedic Bonita Springs

People visit an orthopedist for some reasons relating to bone and joint injuries. These specialists commonly treat shoulder injuries, such as rotator cuff injury, osteoarthritis, dislocation, impingement syndrome, and instability.
Knee issues that top the list of common reasons to visit an orthopedist include cartilage injuries, arthritis, patellofemoral syndrome, meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament.

People with hip issues, backaches, scoliosis, sprains, and fractures are also frequent visitors to the specialty doctor’s office. Bunions and carpal tunnel syndromes are also top reasons why people see these experts.

orthopedist-inst-img3Many people experience musculoskeletal issues that require the attention of a qualified doctor. While some forms of pain may be easy to ignore, others prevent you from performing your normal duties and may need surgery.

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