Pain Management in Fort Myers

The Multi-Care Orthopedics & Rehab team takes our status as leading Fort Myers pain management specialists very seriously. We are proud to offer interventional pain management procedures that represent the gold standard of pain management and injury recovery.

How do our techniques for interventional pain management differ from the rest?

You can think of interventional pain management as a set of proactive strategies. We look for ways to actively support the body’s healing and curb pain based on underlying sources. These are the best pain reduction techniques since they do not rely on “numbing” the problem.

Each one of our new patients begins with a pain management consultation and treatment plan customized to their individual needs. We have a holistic philosophy on therapy, customizing each aspect to the individual’s condition and goals. By combining approaches, we maximize your pain relief.

Don’t Suffer in Silence with Head, Neck, Back or Chronic Pain

Millions throughout the United States endure lasting pain. They often wait until it gets severe before considering pain management. Pains in the neck and back are both common, with many occupational hazards and ordinary lifestyle habits contributing.

Head pain can be related to a number of factors as well. No matter whether you have stress headaches, referred pain from elsewhere in the body, or pain from an accident or injury, the right care can give you a new lease on life.

Remember: Chronic pain is defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. This kind of pain deserves attention right away!

Our Pain Management Treatments

We are proud to offer these pain management treatments at our Fort Myers location:


Orthopedics is the science of caring for the bones, muscles, nerves and joints, optimizing how they work together. Many chronic pain conditions begin with misalignment of the bones or chronic inflammation in the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic treatments rehabilitate the damage through targeted exercises and training. These promote blood flow and enhance healing.


Neuropathic pain – originating in the nervous system, including the brain – can be challenging to treat. The first step in relief is securing the correct diagnosis of the issue. Multi-Care Orthopedics & Rehab offers the most sophisticated technology available for pinpointing the cause of neuropathic pain. Then, various tools can be used to stimulate and re-train nervous function.


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Platelet Rich Plasma is an innovative therapy that has been used by top athletes for many years. It consists of enriching a sample of the patient’s blood through a special centrifugal treatment. This promotes development of powerful, natural growth agents. The enriched sample is then reintroduced into the patient’s body, promoting deeper healing of long-term injuries.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are some of the most powerful cells in the human body. They can be thought of as “building blocks” that may take on the form of any of the body’s other cells. Because of their unique properties, they can spur the healing of severe damage, including organ damage, once thought completely irreversible.

Could Your Pain Benefit from Visiting Multi-Care Medical?

We frequently see patients with the following concerns:


Enacting a pain management plan early can help you stay focused on recovery after an accident. Pain arising from car accidents is one of our top specialties.


Sports injuries often involve serious pain stemming from orthopedic complications. Chiropractic care is especially effective at mitigating this kind of pain.


Virtually all surgery involves some form of pain during recovery. Pain management can help you reduce your dependence on potentially dangerous opioid medications.

Chronic Arthritis Pain

Arthritis remains one of the most common pain complaints in the United States. The pain from joint inflammation can be truly disabling, but pain management therapy can often bring relief no matter which joints are affected.

If your condition isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team understands even rare chronic pain issues. Our goal is a customized, caring approach, combining pain management methods tailored to your situation.

Control your chronic pain in Fort Myers with Multi-Care Orthopedics & Rehab. To find out more, you can use the contact form below or call us at 239-277-1655. Our offices are located at 13701 Cypress Terrace, Fort Myers, FL 33907 just north of Lakes Regional Park. We look forward to addressing your pain management needs!

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