Pain Management in Naples

In Naples and throughout Florida, many people suffer chronic pain. Multi-Care Medical is determined to deliver the best chronic pain treatment in Naples. No matter your condition or what doctors in Naples you’ve consulted, our pain management experts can help.

Pain Management Patients We Treat

Our pain management specialists are glad to work with patients with a wide range of issues. We are equally adept at helping with pain from accidents, injuries, and chronic pain conditions. Physicians frequently refer patients to us.

Injuries and Accidents

Injuries take place every day, whether as a result of a slip and fall, a hazard while playing your favorite sport, or an auto collision. All these events can cause pain by upsetting the natural alignment of bones and muscles. We provide a holistic approach to pain treatment that incorporates the latest medical science and natural pain relief techniques.

Surgery and Chronic Pain

Surgery requires that the body undergo certain acute traumas so that it will heal properly or resolve a more serious health issue. Chronic pain, on the other hand, often involves a lasting and systemic issue causing a spiral of inflammation. No matter if you are recuperating from surgery or have struggled with pain for years, new methods may provide lasting relief.

Chronic Arthritis Pain Treatment

Arthritis is one of the most common pain conditions in the United States and is prevalent worldwide. According to the Arthritis Foundation, 50 million U.S. adults have been diagnosed with arthritis. Many simple, yet powerful techniques can be used to mitigate pain caused by arthritis inflammation that attacks vulnerable joints.


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Our Pain Management Insight is Second to None

The Multi-Care Medical in Naples is a name known throughout Florida for a tireless focus on the best pain relief available. Each patient receives a personalized plan for pain reduction based on their needs, treatment history, and preferences.

We understand that conventional pain medication is not right for everyone. It is often preferred as an adjunct to pain management, not the entire pain management plan. As a result, our team has always included recognized leaders in scientifically-sound holistic care.

Here in Naples, you can benefit from:

Chiropractic Treatment

Seemingly minor misalignments of muscle and bone can be the driving force behind severe pain. Using chiropractic treatment for the adjustment of bones can cause pain management to become much easier.


Multi-Care Medical continues to evaluate and introduce new therapy strategies for pain management of the head, neck, back, and more. Our comprehensive patient intake process allows us to learn quickly what ideas are most likely to help you.

Contact our Naples office today to learn more about your pain management options. We can be reached by phone at (239) 352-2769 or via the contact form below.

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