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Multi-Care Medical is a trusted provider of services aimed at reducing pain and helping people achieve maximum quality of life. Our experts strive to provide the highest level of personalized care based on your diagnosis, needs and goals.

In Pembroke Pines and across South Florida, Multi-Care Medical is known for compassionate, knowledgeable expertise. Patients who visit our Pembroke Pines location can benefit from a wide range of services. For comprehensive care for pain and injury recovery, contact Multi-Care Medical.

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Accident Injury

Injury recovery depends on prompt injury treatment and rehabilitation. At Multi-Care Medical, our doctors and therapists understand the importance of giving your body the resources it needs to heal fully and quickly. A number of treatment protocols, such as chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy, are combined to accelerate recovery.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy includes stretching, targeted exercise and other methods aimed at helping a part of the body develop greater functional strength. This not only reduces the duration and severity of pain, but helps with flexibility and injury recovery. Many chronic pain complaints caused by posture or lifestyle issues can be completely eliminated.

Pain Management

Pain management is a multifaceted, holistic approach to alleviating pain from an injury or health condition. Even when the underlying condition cannot be completely resolved, pain can still be controlled.

Our pain management techniques work with whatever medication the patient may already be taking, while supplementing health through various natural additions.

Sports Injuries

Athletes from all walks of life are vulnerable to sports injuries. No matter what the game or what the specific injury, there are certain keys to full recovery. Physical therapy is used to ensure that the injured area can return to excellent performance once healing is complete. At the same time, various orthopedic and chiropractic methods can enhance blood flow and, hence, healing.


Orthopedics is the science of health concerning the musculoskeletal system. The bones, muscles and human frame must work together to promote peak health. Orthopedics can be used to help people suffering from arthritis, bone loss or breakage and pain in the tendons, muscles or joints. In many cases, these disorders can be helped through changes in exercise, posture and more.


Chiropractic care consists of targeted manipulation of the spine, back, shoulders and neck. These treatments can quickly restore the natural relationship and alignment of these important bodily systems. Improvements in pain and mobility may be seen immediately.

Insurance Accepted

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • NHP
  • United Healthcare
  • AvMed

Please contact our office with any questions about your insurance eligibility and co-pay.