Physical Therapy in Naples

If you are in pain, you want nothing more than to be rid of that discomfort. Physical therapy is a type of treatment for people that have trouble moving about and doing everyday tasks. It can help you move better, relieve your pain, and restore your body to its proper functions and fitness levels. The overall goal is to make your life easier. At Multi-Care Medical in Naples, Physical therapy can be used after surgeries or for a variety of other reasons.

Examine this list to help decide if you would benefit from seeing a physical therapist.

Injuries within the work place are common and many can be debilitating. Whether you were in a work-related accident or you have pain from repetitive stress on your joints, physical therapy can help you get back to your normal lifestyle.

There are many injuries that can occur with car accidents and whiplash is one of the most common. Victims also often get headaches, have back pain, and are stiff in a number of other areas. These traumatic injuries can cause difficulty sleeping, memory loss and a number of other ailments. Physical therapy can be customized for each individual injury and, with time, it can help alleviate all of them.

If you have a knee replaced or have to undergo another corrective orthopedic surgery, you will likely undergo physical therapy as part of the recovery process. Some situations require you to have therapy before the operation as well. When you do the exercises at home and with the physical therapist, you can regain motion in your body parts that you might otherwise lose.

You are in pain

Chronic pain is often associated with various physical conditions and bone and joint issues. There are a number of different conditions physical therapy can treat. They include headaches, fibromyalgia, sprains, spinal pain and many more. If you are in any kind of pain, it is worth visiting with a physical therapist to see if the process might help you.

You broke, sprained, or strained part of your body

If you are active, you know it’s hard to cut back on activities when you are injured. If your injured ankle or other body part does not heal properly, you may never get back to all of your activities. The best way to avoid holding yourself back for the long haul is to see a physical therapist while you recover. When you break a bone, the cast holds the bone steady and prevents movement. This helps you heal, but you may need to rehabilitate that region after the cast is removed.

Your neck or back hurt

Having back or neck pain can be highly frustrating. Some back and neck pain simply results from weak muscles in other areas of the body. Physical therapy can help correct those issues along with other possible causes such as bad posture.

You have an old or new sports injury

If you hurt yourself playing sports years ago, or just last week, it is a good idea to get a comprehensive exam. The physical therapist will customize a plan to fit your injury and your lifestyle. You will have access to someone who knows the needs of an athlete who wants to get back out there and play again as quickly as possible.

Multi-Care Medical in Naples

If you identify with any of the above, please contact Multi-Care Medical in Naples for a consultation. Our compassionate medical group caters to your specific injury and listens to all of the details before creating a tailor-made plan just for you.

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