Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Cape Coral

Each year, almost two million people in the United States are affected by plantar fasciitis, also known as heel pain syndrome. This is a condition caused by inflammation of the thick band of connective tissue at the bottom of the foot called the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia connects the calcaneal tubercle to the forefoot with five bands of tissue, each directed to a toe. This tissue functions as a shock absorber, supporting the arch in the foot.


Heel pain syndrome is usually caused by foot trauma like repetitive stretching or being overweight. Improper footwear can also lead to plantar fasciitis because it triggers impaired shock absorption, excessive pronation, or under-pronation. Pronation is part of a normal gait. The ankle rolls slightly inward after heelstrike. Afterwards, the ankle rolls outward when people toe-off from that step. Excessive pronation happens when the foot’s soft tissues become stress after rolling too far.

Plantar fasciitis may occur in one heel or both. In some cases, patients with heel pain syndrome experience difficulty in taking the first few steps in the morning due to an intense stabbing pain in the heel. The pain may ease after a while but it may also last longer if both feet are affected.

Plantar fasciitis usually affects pregnant women, runners, and people with obesity. Most often, affected individuals are between the ages of 40 and 70. Rheumatoid arthritis, calcaneal fat pad atrophy, nerve entrapment, and calcaneal stress fracture may also cause as similar experience of foot pain.


Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most difficult conditions to cure, but chiropractic treatment is an effective strategy. Here at Multi-Care Medical, we provide the best services to treat heel pain, including fractures caused by sports activities or accidents and injuries. Just visit our Cape Coral clinic and we will help ease your pain through Chiropractic Treatment.

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