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Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research that is fully committed to tissue and organ restoration. Not only does this branch aim to help damaged tissues and organs regain both their structures and functions, but it also provide practical solutions for permanently damaged body organs. The primary objective of this branch of medicine is to create long-lasting solutions that will help cure injuries and a range of diseases that were previously untreatable.

vivo-lab-researchCurrent scientific research on regenerative medicine focuses on availing treatments for clinical application or use, where “in vitro” and “in vivo” procedures will be used.

For “in vitro,” the body will receive the treatment via a laboratory-studied therapy. As for “in vivo,” medical studies and individual trials will be carried out inside the living body so that previously irreparable organs will be given the much-needed stimulation to enable them to heal themselves.

Common medical issues that regenerative medicine can help

medical-issues-regenrater-imgCardiovascular diseases claim the lives of many men and women worldwide.
In America alone, 610,000 people succumb to this kind of ailment.

Fortunately, regenerative medicine can help improve medical outcomes, reduce the number of deaths, and save governments a lot of money in medical expenses related to these diseases.

Valvular disease, a particular type of cardiovascular disease, is another top killer in the U.S., accounting for at least 20,000 deaths. Regenerative medicine can help lower this number to significant levels. Additionally, it can also help people with diabetes to repair damages caused by the condition.

Uses and examples of regenerative medicine

Tissue engineering & biomaterials

This strategy applies a tissue engineering system wherein the body receives implantations of biologically-compatible scaffolds at the spot where it needs to generate new tissues.
regenerative medicine

A scaffold in the actual geometric shape of the particular tissue to be formed will be used which will then attract cells to promote regeneration. Once successful, the new tissue will take the desired shape. Subjecting the new tissue formation to exercise produces a functional engineered tissue. And while regenerative medicine is still going through its infancy stages, millions of patients worldwide have experienced the benefits of the treatment using one or more tissue engineered devices. Soft tissue regeneration, in particular, has experienced some level of success.

Cellular Therapies

item-cellsimgEvery human being possesses millions of stem cells, which are very useful in self-repair. Studies have revealed that harvesting adult stem cells and injecting them on the damaged site can induce tissue reconstruction, as long as the conditions are conducive.

The cells may be collected from various places within the body, including the bone marrow, blood, dental pup, fat, and skeletal muscles. Scientists, clinicians, and researchers are continually working towards refining their skills on adequately preparing and administering these harvested stem cells so that they can be injected into the patient’s body to repair and restore any tissues damaged by certain diseases.

prp-imgPlatelet-rich plasma (PRP), a platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood which contains several cytokines and several growth factors, has also become popular in enhancing tissue healing.

When applied to abnormal tissues, PRP injections can boost the proliferation of the body’s reparative cells, commonly termed as “mesenchymal stem cells.”

Artificial organs & medical devices

md-devices-imgWhen a body organ fails to carry out its functions as required, the most commonly used method involves transplanting a replacement, which may be donated by a well-wisher or any other organ donor.

However, the primary challenge with this option is the availability of a qualified donor while the patient is using an artificial organ to support its functions. Doctors in charge of the patient will have to find a way to support the failing organ to carry out its functions until the right transplantable body organ is acquired

The fact that the donor has to take immunosuppression drugs also presents a unique challenge, as these drugs could bear some of the most unpleasant side effects.

For instance, technologies applied to the circulatory system, such as ventricular assisting devices to provide temporary support while waiting for a heart transplant, may not be viable for a more extended period.

Clinical translation

springs-clinical-imgStem Cell Therapy Bonita Springs

Clinical translation is a particular strategy that implements promising therapies by translating them into active trials. This way, the notable progress made by regenerative medicine cannot be overlooked. As soon as regenerative medicine becomes widely available for clinical practice, the health care system will highly benefit from this advancement. Lastly, the economy, in general, stands to reap massive benefits from technological advancements, such as regenerative medicine.

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