Surgery Therapy in Cape Coral

Are you recovering from surgery or considering surgery in the near future?

If you are, you probably have many things on your mind. Still, if you want to make sure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible, planning physical therapy is a must. The sooner you begin therapy, the more effective it will be. Multi-Care Medical in Cape Coral is here to help you on the road to recovery.

Why is Physical Therapy after Surgery Important?

Physical therapy after surgery is a valuable adjunct to your body’s healing process.

After procedures like rotator cuff surgery and hip replacement, the body springs into action to restore damaged tissue. This requires a wide range of body systems all work together. Ideally, over the course of weeks or months, new tissue is rebuilt stronger.

Once full recovery takes place, you should experience diminished pain and greater range of movement. Sometimes, however, this can take longer than is desirable. In some cases, healing might not go as well as hoped.

Physical therapy boosts the natural healing response with tailored, low-stress exercises targeted to the area of your surgery and the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments that support them. Treatment might include chiropractic, massage and many other approaches.

This helps maintain the high level of blood flow needed for successful healing. As a result, therapy can accelerate healing, reduce pain during and after recovery and improve flexibility.

When is Physical Therapy Needed?

Physical therapy can be used any time you are injured. It is not necessary to have surgery or have it planned to benefit from physical therapy. If any part of your body has become more painful and less flexible due to trauma, therapy probably can help.

Some situations where it’s wise to consider physical therapy include:

  • You were in a workplace accident resulting in an injury;
  • You were in a car accident;
  • You have chronic pain with no clear explanation;
  • You have a sports injury.

As a general rule, even if an accident seems minor, you should seek treatment right away!

It often takes time before the full effects of an accident are known. Therapy can help you recover your full range of movement and achieve freedom from pain. Likewise, remember older injuries can “flare up” if they have not healed correctly. These may benefit from therapy.

Multi-Care Medical

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