Whiplash Treatment in Naples

Whiplash refers to cases in which a person’s neck becomes injured from a rear impact in a car, or a similar motor accident. When a vehicle is struck from behind, this causes powerful forces to be transmitted from the colliding vehicle to the occupant of the struck vehicle. As the neck copes with this sudden force, it becomes prone to a whiplash injury.


Symptoms of whiplash may include headache, difficulty of turning and bending the neck, stiffness or pain of the neck to the shoulders or down the arms, or stiffness in the upper and lower part of the back.

Whiplash injuries may also vary and cause related problems such as:

  • Disc herniation – whiplash injury that affects the discs between the vertebrae. This may lead to small tears and trigger the inner core of the disc to extrude through its outer core. When this happens, the spinal nerve root of the affected area will be irritated, causing numbness, sharp, shooting pain in the arm, tingling and muscle weakness.
  • Joint dysfunction – A condition where some limbs or joints lose their normal resiliency and shock absorption (known as the joint play) leading to restricted body movements and pain.
  • Chronic pain – This happens when the symptoms become consistent and the pain it causes is almost unbearable. However, it is rare to find cases with chronic pain after a car accident. Usually, minor muscle sprains and strains from the accident heal from proper medications.


reating whiplash may vary depending on the patient’s condition, but chiropractic whiplash treatments can be considered one of the most effective solutions. The treatment will vary with the injury. For instance, Chiropractic manipulation is applied on patients with joint dysfunction. Spinal manipulation, on the other hand, is used for joints that restrict body movements. If you want to determine the best treatment for your injury, consult a physician or visit MultiCare Medical.

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