Work Related Injury Treatment in Cape Coral

No matter your job or the type of work you do, everyone has a responsibility to work together to create a safe workplace. Nonetheless, accidents sometimes happen – and they can result in serious injury. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to ensure access to physical therapy for your work-related injury.

What should you do after an injury on the job?

The first thing most people do when they are injured at work is to inform their employer. You’ll often need to work with your supervisor to document the safety issue. After that, the next step is usually seeking treatment – a right afforded to you under the employment laws of most states.

Once you report a work injury, you may need to get a check-up from a medical professional, usually someone “in-network” for your employer. After this, long-term care is typically up to you, but you should continue to document all visits and related expenses.
That makes it easier to process any insurance or worker’s compensation claim you might need to make.

At Multi-Care Medical in Cape Coral, we believe in integrative care that reduces pain and restores function without powerful drugs. Depending on the nature of an injury, therapy can encompass many different approaches, including:


Massage therapy enhances blood flow to the injured area, which supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Massage is often calming and relaxing as well. It can help restore muscles and other soft tissues to their full range of motion after an accident. It also helps improve the results of the exercises other forms of therapy employ.


Chiropractic therapy addresses imbalances of the musculoskeletal system. Almost everyone has some of these imbalances, caused by poor posture or other habits. Work related injuries can make them much worse! Through manual manipulation and other techniques, the bones and muscles can be restored to a healthful, balanced alignment.

Pain Management and Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to return an injured part of the body to function. Many range-of-motion and strength exercises are used. Specialized devices can generate soundwaves that deeply penetrate the body and help cells refresh themselves. Physical therapy is customized to your needs so you can return to your normal life as quickly as possible.

How Can You Work With Your Employer to Continue Treatment?

In most cases, employers aren’t allowed to do anything to prevent you from seeking care. That said, it’s best to learn your responsibilities – compliance can greatly facilitate recovery. In particular, be mindful of paperwork filing or reporting deadlines you may have.

When possible, partner with your medical team to schedule care in a way that minimizes interference with work. Ensure your care plan includes therapy that supports a return to your full workplace duties. Describe any bending, flexing, or repetitive motions you must perform.

Multi-Care Medical

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